Linden Lab LLSD Libraries

v1 - 2010-06-07 - Joshua Bell & Mark Lentczner
v2 - 2010-06-08 - Joshua Bell & Mark Lentczner


LLSD is defined in draft-hamrick-vwrap-type-system-00. It is a structured data system used for interchange. See the draft for more details:


The design and development of LLSD is being undertaken by the IETF VWRAP working group. Please direct design and development questions to its mailing list.

wiki - http://trac.tools.ietf.org/wg/vwrap/trac/wiki
list - https://www.ietf.org/mailman/listinfo/vwrap

This distribution contains Linden Lab's open source (MIT licensed) implementations of the LLSD type system in five langauges:

C++         LLSD
JavaScript  LLSD & LLIDL
Haskell     LLSD & LLIDL
PHP         LLSD (partial)
Python      LLSD & LLIDL (*)
Ruby        LLSD (partial)

Each language has its own directory, and each has its own README file with details for building and using the code. All versions have unit tests.

Questions regarding these libraries can be directed to Josh: josh@lindenlab.com

Linden Lab hopes that by releasing these open source, it will help facilitiate the development of LLSD, as well as ease interoperatibility with currently deployed systems that use LLSD such as Second Life and OpenSim.

- Josh & Mark

(*) The Python version is currently distributed in a separate repository: http://hg.secondlife.com/llbase/ The intention is to eventually migrate it here.

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